I have often heard the phrase "Let's standardise on a single technology for testing!".

Yes, this call often comes from people who don't have much experience or understanding of testing.

From my perspective, this is a dangerous thing to say, and possibly a very expensive thing to say as well.

I may have a preferred test tool for websites, or for manual testing, or for automated testing of websites, but ultimately, I have a toolbox.  This toolbox contains things like Selenium, SoapUI, Bamboo, Word, Excel, VBA (yeah, remember that?), TestLink...  I don't reach for one tool in all cases - I reach for the tool that will get the job done in the most appropriate manner (but keeping an eye on the company's QA policies and long term goals).

Software testing is like any other skilled job.  Need to nail something?  Use a hammer.  Need to cut something?  Use a saw.

Quite often with testing, the best thing is to tell us (the QA guys) what needs testing, and what the required output is, and let us choose what tools (or combination of tools) to use.  You'll be amazed - we can come up with some great solutions, often cheaply (or freely), which gets the job done.

Don't get blinded by shiny technologies, when all you need is a hammer.